FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE calls for compliance with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the 1.5┬░C target. 

Concrete Demands for the city of Heidelberg

Ambitious climate action must be implemented both socially just and ecologically. Therefore, we demand clear timelines for all 30 adopted items of the Climate Action Plan by the end of 2020, as well as the adoption of the following measures: 

1. Establishment of a Future Advisory Board with under-25 year-olds from each city district and three experts.

  • Shall comment on decisions made by the municipal council, including those based on GHG emissions calculations.
  • Shall have constructive veto power on all decisions that emit more GHGs than they save

2. Massive expansion of public transport and cycling infrastructure by 2025

  • Develop faster and safer connections to all parts of the city, especially Boxberg and Emmertsgrund.
  • Turning all streets into bicycle-friendly traffic routes: safe bike paths and bike lanes with public pump and repair stations as well as secure, covered parking facilities

3. Geothermal energy and renovation initiative

  • The use of geothermal sources of the upper Rhine rift valley, e.g. in Br├╝hl, must be made mandatory
  • The refurbishment of private buildings and buildings owned by the city delivers large heat savings and supports especially rental apartments in the energy transition. To this end, incentives, as well as a renovation roadmap for city-owned buildings, in particular those of the GGH, must be adopted

A detailed version of the demands with explanations (in German) can be found HERE.

Demands to the universities of Heidelberg

On November 25, 2019, a student assembly adopted a list of demands directed at the universities in Heidelberg. An action paper is now being prepared that will call for concrete measures to be taken by the universities.

A demands catalog can be found HERE. 

The University of Heidelberg has since answered, and the reply can be found HERE

To the Report and Minutes of the Student Assembly (in German), you can click HERE.

Old Demands to the City of Heidelberg

We had already handed over our demands at the time to the city of Heidelberg in mid-2019. You can read them HERE (German).