Whoop, whoop, on 19.03. we will finally strike global again🎉 namely under the motto #NoMoreEmptyPromises 🔥 The climate crisis is already destroying the lives of people around the world and a few empty promises are not enough for us! We want to see action📣
We are planning two actions, which will run in simultaneously: one is a bike demo, for which you can come to the Friedrich-Ebert-Platz at 13:30 🚲 Info on the route will come later! The demo will probably last about one and a half hours.
And secondly, we are planning a rally from 14-16 o’clock at the Uniplatz✨ There will be a program with speeches etc🎤 The rally will take place both in spoken language and in sign language. We will also live stream it on our Youtube account (@fridaysforfuture_heidelberg)💚
Come by, share this with all your friends and be loud together with us on 19.03.💥 We do not accept empty promises, we want climate justice to be taken seriously everywhere📣

Here is the form we use to reconstruct the contacts: https://forms.gle/rpyk63FbKPiBHWLF7