18.00 Uhr — Rifts and dissonances in the call for climate justice – some postcolonial perspectives (in English)

Dr. Sina Emde | Talk and debate

In an article written in 2014 Dipesh Chakrabarty states that “Human-induced climate change gives rise to large and diverse issues of justice: justice between generations, between small island-nations and the polluting countries (both past and prospective), between developed, industrialized nations (historically responsible for most emissions) and the newly industrializing ones” (p. 9). Through the prism of this argument I explore contemporary calls for climate justice, de-growth and changes in consumption. While there can be no doubt that climate change is the pressing issue of the 21st century (and was the pressing issue already in the last quarter of the 20st century, albeit ignored), the call for de-growth and changes in life-styles, especially in the West, collides with the needs and desires of new middle classes in emerging economies and the attempt to alleviate poverty in the global South. These different realities are not fully acknowledged in the West despite the strong calls for global climate justice. While I have no solutions for these rifts between climate justice and poverty alleviation, I would like to at least alert to some of their predicaments with examples from South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

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