18.15 Uhr — Right to food and nutrition in India and water policies: current challenges and climate change (in English)

Ayushi Kalyan (Weltwärts, FIAN International, Sekretariat Heidelberg) | Tanvi Deshpande (Abteilung Politische Wissenschaft, Südasien-Institut, Universität Heidelberg) | Moderator ist Dr. Dieter Reinhardt (assoziiertes Mitglied des SAI).

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has experienced growth and made significant progress on human development in the past decades. Despite this, India is home to almost a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide and access to food is a major concern. This situation will exacerbate by already ongoing effects of climate change. The event will discuss two questions: With sufficient food production and promising social policies and legislative guarantees, why is the realization of the right to food and nutrition (RtFN) still a farfetched dream? What effects has and will have climate change on food and water policies in India?

Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS)

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